The UnDivided Documentary shares the story of how a suburban church located in Portland, Oregon unites with Jefferson High School; once Oregon’s most outstanding school, now failing and at risk for closure.

We were first introduced to this story through our friends at City Gospel Movements in Portland, Oregon, founded by Kevin Palau.  Our team took a trip to see the school, hear stories and collaborative efforts first hand and it was a great illustration of just how powerful partnerships can be.  Kevin wrote a great book called, Unlikely, Setting Aside our Differences to Live out the Gospel detailing the story, along with many others that eventually launched the City Gospel Movement in Portland, and all around the world.  Check out the trailer below, and more information on Kevin’s book.

Unlikely - Kevin PalauRecommended Resource

Unlikely: Setting Aside Our Differences to Live Out the Gospel by Kevin Palau

The inspiring story of an unlikely partnership between a band of churches and the openly gay mayor of Portland that led to unprecedented change throughout the city and launched a nationwide movement called CityServe.

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